Website updates

A few people have commented that there have been no updates to this site recently. That’s because we’re in the process of completely re-developing the site, with new branding, and hopefully in a more user-centric way. So an absence of updates here is simply because we’re busy doing other things, including fixing the web site :-)

SAFIRE Project Director appointed

Guy Antony Halse has been appointed as the Project Director for SAFIRE. This follows a formal process that was run by TENET with the approval of the SAFIRE steering committee.

Guy has already been an integral part of the SAFIRE project and with this appointment, he will undoubtedly guide the project to a sustainable future.

Everyone on the SAFIRE project team would like to congratulate Guy on his appointment and we look forward to working with him.

Updates to Attributes for SAFIRE

At the SAFIRE Planning meeting the following attributes were decided upon:

System name URN:OID English name/Description Status
(Institution MUST provide,
Institution MAY provide,
SAFIRE will provide)
gn urn:oid: Given name – preferred MUST
sn urn:oid: Surname MUST
eduPersonPrincipalName urn:oid: User ID at the home organisation MUST
displayName urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113730.3.1.241 Preferred name of a person to be used when displaying entries. MAY (may be calculated from gn & sn if not provided)
eduPersonTargetedID urn:oid: Pseudonymous user ID. A persistent, non-reassigned, privacy-preserving identifier for a user shared between an identity provider and service provider.
An identity provider uses the appropriate value of this attribute when communicating with a particular service provider or group of service providers, and does not reveal that value to any other service provider except in limited circumstances.
mail urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.3 E-mail address. User’s preferred outward facing email address with regard to the organisation. MAY
organizationName urn:oid: The organisation’s nickname. Standard name of the top-level organization (institution) with which this person is associated. SAFIRE
eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation urn:oid: The user’s primary affiliation with his home organisation MAY
schacHomeOrganization urn:oid: The home organisation’s unique ID. Specifies a person’s home organization using the domain name of the organization. SAFIRE
eduPersonAffiliation urn:oid: Specifies the person’s relationship(s) to the institution in broad categories such as student, faculty, staff, alum, etc. MAY (or set to primary)
preferredLanguage urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113730.3.1.39 The user’s preferred language MAY
employeeNumber urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113730.3.1.3 Employee number – needed for RIMS MAY

Technical Planning Meeting Update

On the 21st July 2015, the SAFIRE lead institutions came together to determine the future technical implementation for SAFIRE.

The following are the key highlights of the meeting:

  • The architecture of SAFIRE will need to change from its current mesh topology to a hub-and-spoke topology. The goal is to implement this hub-and-spoke topology by the end of September 2015.
  • TENET will provide the infrastructure to host the new implementation
  • Institutions wanting to join SAFIRE in a mesh architecture will be given an option to do so and the technical team will need to figure out a means to make this possible.
  • A dedicated technical resource is required to work on SAFIRE. This individual will be funded by the lead institutions. The steering committee chairperson will have a discussion with TENET to begin the process of hiring such a resource.
  • A follow on workshop to discuss the governance requirements for SAFIRE will need to take place.
  • A Steering Committee Meeting will need to be organised to communicate the outcomes of this meeting.

More updates to follow in the upcoming days and weeks.

June Steering Committee Meeting

The SAFIRE Steering Committee had a meeting on the 11th June 2015. A quorum was present which allowed the Steering committee to make decisions on the project.

The main discussions were based on the ToR for the project as well as feedback to the committee regarding the planning workshop that was held at UCT in April. The highlights for the meeting were the following:

  • Apart from a couple of minor changes, the ToR was adopted.
  • The new streams for the project were presented and stream leads  for these streams were proposed
  • A technical planning meeting was scheduled for the 20th July 2015
  • A governance and policy planning meeting was scheduled for the 21st July 2015
  • The lead institutions (see post from 24th April below) will be requested to send delegates for these events.
  • The new logo for SAFIRE was presented to the Steerco and only minor modifications were suggested.
  • There was consensus that this transitional phase should be completed by 28th February 2016 at which time an entity to handle the operations should take over.
  • The project team must ensure that all the tools necessary to handle the operations of SAFIRE must be available by that date
  • A train the trainers event must occur and the will be driven by the HCD stream of SAFIRE. This stream must coordinate with Horizon 2020 projects like MAGIC and Sci-GaIA to assist with training.

Minutes of the Steering Committee meetings will be made available once ready.


June Update

The SAFIRE team is busy with a number of activities in June. These include:

  1. Finalising the Logo and Branding for SAFIRE.
  2. Experimenting with various Federation Management Tools to manage the Federation.
    1. Jagger
    2. Janus
    3. AAF’s FederationRegistry
  3. Redesigning the website
  4. Asisting UP and UKZN to be set up IdPs on SAFIRE

Update 11-05-2015

There has been movement on a couple of fronts regarding SAFIRE.

  • WSU has set up an IdP no their campus to join with SAFIRE. The engineers at SANReN are busy configuring the discovery service to include WSU
  • SANReN is busy engaging with UP to include them as an IdP on SAFIRE
  • UCT has graciously volunteered one of their resources to assist in the marketing of SAFIRE – They will help coordinate the branding of SAFIRE as well as start the process of developing a communications and marketing plan
  • The Chair of the SAFIRE steering committee is to send out a Doodle to arrange the next steering committee meeting.

Feedback to ASAUDIT community

The SAFIRE project team gave feedback to the ASAUDIT community about the plan for the second phase of the SAFIRE project. The presentation was largely well received by the community.

The lead agents for the project in this phase will be:

  • SANReN
  • UCT
  • Rhodes University
  • UKZN
  • UP
  • SUN

Slides for the presentation can be found here:

April Update

The Steering committee for SAFIRE had its first meeting in March. Subsequently a planning meeting was held between the elected chairperson (Sakkie Janse van Rensberg) and the project manager for the SAFIRE project to date (Siju Mammen).

The planning meeting worked on 2 main tasks:

  1. Defining the Terms of Reference for the Steering Committee
  2. Defining the tasks that needed to be done in this current phase of the Project

From the meeting it was decided that the main focus for this phase of the project is going to be the following:

  • Improving the marketing and communications for SAFIRE
  • Cleaning up all technical aspects of SAFIRE – i.e. getting certificates for the hosted services, making the process easier and more intuitive, etc.
  • Adding more IdPs and SPs into the Federation
  • HCD regarding Federation deployment as IdPs and SPs
  • Formalising the framework for all parties of the federation to work together (develop all contracts and documents that need to be signed)
  • Develop a funding model for SAFIRE